Delicious cupcakes that melt in your mouth

Are you looking for delicious cupcakes in Nottingham? Contact Devine Cakes Cafe Ltd for a wide selection of cupcakes.

Special cupcakes for your tea party

If you are looking for cupcakes for a tea party at your home, contact Devine Cakes Cafe Ltd. We can provide custom-made cupcakes that are perfect for your get together.

You can choose from the wide range of cupcakes that are available at our store. We make fresh cakes everyday. 
Gluten free cupcakes

Cupcakes for all events

Whether you require delicious cupcakes for a corporate event or for a family get together, contact Devine Cakes Cafe Ltd. We provide cupcakes customised to suit your occasion. 

We understand that cake is the perfect way to celebrate any special event. You can depend on us to provide fresh and tasty cupcakes to make your event successful.
Wheat free cupcakes

A variety of cupcakes

The variety of cupcakes available with us include the following:
  • Gluten free cupcakes
  • Celebration cupcakes
  • Birthday cupcakes 
We bake cupcakes of all shapes, sizes and designs.
A cupcake can lift the mood of any party. Order your cupcakes from Devine Cakes Cafe Ltd. We provide customised designs, shapes and sizes.
The expert cake specialists at Devine Cakes Cafe Ltd bake delicious cupcakes.
To taste a cupcake, visit our store in Nottingham or, call us on
0115 947 2473
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