Wedding Cakes

Bespoke wedding cakes

Bespoke wedding cakes in Nottingham

If you need to order a wedding cake, contact Devine Cakes Cafe Ltd. At our cake shop in Nottingham, we bake customised wedding cakes.

Traditional and modern cake designs

Do you envision a traditional wedding cake proudly resplendent in white icing, or a chic contemporary one whose elegant lines draw the eye towards the beauty of its flowers? At Devine Cakes Caffe Ltd, we are happy to help you come up with just the cake that you prefer.
Custom designed wedding cakes

Custom designed wedding cakes

If you are looking for an decadent celebratory cake whose colourful decorations proclaim the joy in your heart, contact Devine Cakes Cafe Ltd. We provide cakes that are custom designed as per your exact specifications.

You may also choose a cake from our vast selection of successful designs. 
base of your cake

Choose the base of your cake

If you want to choose the base of the cake, speak to our cake specialists. As per our experience, sponge cake is always popular. However, many people find the alternative of chocolate irresistible.

You may also opt for the nostalgic associations of rich fruitcake.
We handcraft all our cakes from fresh top-quality ingredients just before delivery. We have many years of experience in delivering wedding cakes that our customers are delighted with. We take pride in making sure that the cake you get, matches your dreams and surpasses your expectations.
The cake experts at Devine Cakes Cafe Ltd in Nottingham, bake wedding cakes of all sizes. For more details, call on
0115 947 2473
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